Friends of Coal (North East)is the official blog of the Mahalaxmi Group. Located in Guwahati, Mahalaxmi Group is one of the largest Coal trading business house of the North Eastern India. Contact us at 0361-2306562 or visit our website at http://www.mahalaxmigrp.com.

Its purpose is to have a unified voice representing the North Eastern state’s coal industry as well as increase emphasis on coal as a reliable energy source to help the nation achieve energy independence. Our vision: By communicating with one voice, we will work together to create an environment that will establish North Eastern India’s coal as a safer, cleaner and more competitive energy source.

  • To take all necessary steps to ensure the Friends of Coal (North East) is the leading voice for all matters related to coal in North Eastern India.
  • To be a strong advocate for improving safety at our members’ operations through education, legislative and administrative actions and bring positive recognition to the safety accomplishments of our members.
  • To implement an organized, focused effort to inform key demographic segments across North Eastern India of the advantages of using North Eastern India’s coal.

About Friends of Coal (North East)

Since its establishment in 1985, Mahalaxmi Group has consistently achieved its goals and demonstrated its ability to expand its market share, achieve excellence in the sector it operates in and realize shareholder value. In the last 10 years alone, the company has gone through a tenfold increase, expanded its reach countrywide and introduced new products and innovations. Today, we remain devoted to the same principles and aspirations that pushed our success over the decades. Values rooted into our corporate culture include zero compromise on quality, persistent value for money for our clients, a strong commitment to augment value for our investors and to achieve new heights and prosper together. We are actively working to contribute our share in environment aid by fostering plantation and greenery so that the places we are involved in experience the least negative climate impact.
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